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Six Centuries of Music.

Jennifer Mosbaugh - Alto

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jenny Mosbaugh grew up in a music-loving family; her grandmother performed vocals with her father on guitar. Jenny's love of music led her to an early start in performance and theater as a young child. She studied voice and piano privately and has toured the UK with the Santa Monica Playhouse theater group. Jenny attended the Alexander Hamilton High School Academy of Music, singing with the Chamber Singers and Women's Ensemble choirs. She studied music theory at Boston University. 

Season Joined: 2018 (last season)
Birthplace/Hometown: Los Angeles
Education/Vocal Training: Studied voice on and off since childhood, formal voice lessons through 2019 with Weba Garretson, studied music theory at Boston University
Do you make your living as a full-time musician? Nope, it's a hobby
What else do you do by day? I am a full time real estate agent, and mom to a 4 year old
Highlights of your musical career: Performing with various choirs
A defining moment or favorite onstage experience: My favorite on stage performances usually happen after hours at karaoke
What are you listening to these days? Just waiting for Kanye's new album to drop.
What is your favorite thing about the MMC? The fun vibe of the group, how singers from various backgrounds and different skillsets come together to make one beautiful sound.

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