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Six Centuries of Music.

Our Statement on Racial Equity

The Metropolitan Master Chorale (MMC) is committed to and promotes these values:

  1. MMC policies reflect principles of racial equity, belonging, inclusion, and fairness.

  2. MMC policies and programs are administered to prevent racial discrimination and to eliminate barriers to access and/or participation by all races within the Chorale and in our outreach programs and partnerships.

  3. MMC communications are designed to promote inclusiveness and racial equity.

  4. The MMC environment is one where contractors, singers, volunteers, artists, Board members, and patrons are welcome, respected, supported, and valued.

  5. MMC contractors, singers, volunteers, and Board members embrace these values and express them as representatives of the MMC.

Adopted February 7, 2021

Our Vision

Cultural Equity and Inclusion Statement

We Celebrate the Diversity of Choral Music
In fact, our tag line is, “Six Centuries of Music,” which we have been singing for more than eleven years. Our creative programming is the source of the Chorale’s distinct character and identity. The MMC was founded to present choral music in a variety of styles and genres—jazz, classical, pop, Romantic, modern, Baroque, folk, early, and ethnic. And we do it well.
Our concert programs include multiple composers. By design, we choose shorter pieces. However, our commitment to our concert vision has also led us to produce longer works, such as Considering Matthew Shepard, Mozart’s Requiem, and the Dobrogosz Mass.
Here are titles of a few MMC Concerts: Things with Strings, Sanctuary, Interviews with Ghosts, Love & War, Dressed to Sing, Light, and Pure Imagination.

Our patrons tell us what they like about our concerts:

 “Such beautiful music. An inspiration at a time when the world needs love.”

 “The mix of genres, generation music, and languages. Also felt perfectly intimate.”

 “The variety of styles of music. It was whimsical and fun!”

 “Variety of choral pieces. Great arrangements & beautiful voices.”

 “Magnificent. Beautifully crafted. Bravo!!”

 “Impressive performance. Amazing conducting. Beautiful singers and compositions.”

We choose diverse composers. They are male, female, fluid; white, people of color; living and deceased; all ages; from all over the world. Consequently, we sing a unique and rewarding repertoire that includes languages from Europe and Central Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. We have sung in Japanese, Ladino, Hebrew, Latin, German, French and Haitian French, Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish, Gaelic, Italian, Russian, Old English, various African languages and South African, and of course, English. For our hard-of-hearing patrons, we recently began to include American Sign Language translation during our concerts.
We Promote Artistic Excellence and Creativity
Our singers are attracted to the MMC due to the repertoire, our Mission, our Community Outreach Program, and our amazing Artistic Director. In addition to singing with the MMC, they are conductors, arrangers, publishers, and music educators. They sing opera, musical theater, rock, jazz, big band, and barbershop. They perform in cabarets, clubs, churches, and synagogues. They are background vocal singers and session singers. In addition, our members are also students, entrepreneurs, volunteers, business people, actors, teachers, executive directors, medical professionals, computer specialists, and much more. They range in age from teenagers to octogenarians. They all make music at a high level. And they represent the diverse Los Angeles area community.
Our guest artists are at the top of their game and respected by their peers. They enjoy the opportunity to perform the Chorale’s eclectic and challenging repertoire, and they are as diverse as our composers, except they are all living. Our audience and our members enjoy the chance to hear these world class musicians.
Our Artistic Director includes and promotes local composers when selecting repertoire for the Chorale. In addition, the MMC has premiered compositions by local composers, including students, a building contractor, and well-established artists. We have performed pieces arranged by Chorale members. We also commission new works. Due to the high caliber of our singers, we are a place where composers may express their creativity and stretch their skills.
We invite anyone who can sing and read music to audition to become a member of this distinguished ensemble. We offer scholarships to remove any financial barriers that may prevent singers from participating with the group.
We Bring Communities Together
We are profoundly grateful for the exposure to music we received—the concerts, music lessons, and school choirs that made it possible for us to sing with the MMC today. We choose to pay those experiences forward. We do this by keeping ticket prices low so that anyone can attend. In addition, through our Community Outreach Program, we provide complimentary tickets to our concerts to organizations that serve low income and other-abled people, and those who are living with HIV/AIDS. The MMC makes it possible for people who are often not able to participate in LA’s vibrant cultural life to hear great music in a live setting.
What brings our audience together? They expect the unexpected from the MMC. They look forward to excellent music. And they know that each concert will be a journey that they experience as a community.
Who attends MMC concerts? They live in the San Fernando valley, South Pasadena, West Hollywood, Long Beach, the west side, Inglewood, downtown LA, Ventura County—all over the Los Angeles region. Our audience is as diverse as the communities they come from. There are families, artists, veterans, students, all ages, and all genders including LGBTQIA.

Adopted June 27, 2018