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Six Centuries of Music.

Marvin Backstrom - Tenor

Season Joined:  Fall 2022-2023
Birthplace/Hometown:  Maddock, North Dakota         
Education/Vocal Training:  B.A., Crown College; M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary; M.A.T., School for International Training. Vocal Training: College choir
Highlights of your musical career:  College choir tours, Wilshire Presbyterian Church choir
What else do you do by day:  Teaching ESL to adult immigrants part-time (retired from full-time)
A defining moment or favorite onstage experience:  In May 2022, as a very amateur alto saxophonist, playing a Joe Henderson piece at a school festival and experiencing becoming one with the music, forgetting all else, and having that validated by the response of the listeners
What are you listening to these days?  Various classical composers, especially Mozart, always Mozart, any jazz saxophone music, and currently Prince    
What is your favorite thing about the MMC?  The massive vocal sound on some pieces

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