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Six Centuries of Music.

Michelle Gilbuena - Soprano

Season Joined: 2018-19
Birthplace/Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Education/Vocal Training: Just years of singing in choirs (starting in elementary school)
What do you do by day: Who wants to hear about my work, it’s … not that exciting. However, since I still have the luxury of working from home, my day is spent with my “co-workers/fur-babies.” I have two beagles, two cats, three aquariums and an aquatic turtle that keep me plenty busy outside of work.
What are you listening to these days?  Whatever random playlist I’ve concocted on Spotify, but mostly a lot of alternative and rock with a spattering of musicals.
What is your favorite thing about the MMC? I love having a community of singers that are so welcoming and encouraging. Since I am not a professional singer, I’ve never really looked to stand out, but everyone in the group is so supportive and lovely, even though I often second-guess myself, since I am not a professional singer by trade.

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